I would love to discuss the Origin of the word Limousine!


A limousine  is a luxury sedan or saloon (most expensive cars)  generally driven by a chaffer  or man servant, and with a wall or sliding darkened glass between the driver and the passenger compartment. Limousines often have a lengthened wheelbase to cater to the more aristocratic type.

It was originally, an enclosed auto with open driver’s seat. It is named after a type of cloak and hood that was worn by the inhabitants of the Limousine region. Later it resembled the covering of a  horse and carriage and much later used to describe an automobile body with a permanent top that extended over the open driver’s compartment.

As this is the most expensive form of automobile ground transportation, limos are culturally associated with wealth or powerful men and are commonly cited as examples of conspicuious consumstion. Among those of us that cant afford high dollar, limousines are often hired during special events (most commonly weddings, and bachalor, parties).


Every person organizing a celebration wants to make it memorable. There is lots of planning that goes into a party or function. Details and thoughtfulness play a major role in setting apart an occasion, and making it an amazing experience for all your guests. The easiest way to commemorate a day or event is to just do things you normally wouldn’t. That is the solution to making it feel special for you and your guests. If you are searching for a way to set a celebration over the top, hiring a limo in Kansas City is the way to do it. There’s nothing like that unique touch to really memorialize a day or event. Experiencing the luxury of a chauffeured limousine provides a distinctive touch that helps set a tone for the entire time of celebration.

For me it was a dream come true to be driven by a Limo. It was the Corporate function of a reputed Organization that hired Limos to get their Guests driven to the Event Place. It was a wonderful experience as one could relax, have some drinks, and leave the driving to a chauffeur.

Being driven around is a luxury. Besides the stunning limousine, one get services from a professional chauffeur who makes it his or her job to provide you with the greatest experience possible. A celebration or special occasion is supposed to produce a certain experience for the guests. Nothing can make it as one of a kind and enjoyable as hiring a limo in Kansas City. Enjoying the characteristics a limousine that offered, from drinks to TVs, results in a thrilling time for anyone involved.

Get a limo in Kansas City and help supply yourself and your guests with the ideal chance of having a great time. Whenever a chauffeur is driving you can focus on the individuals around you. Forget about the frustration of directions or heavy traffic. Make sure your memories are great. Ride in a limousine, and simply enjoy the individuals you’re with. There’s no better way to celebrate than in style.